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The ‘Spirit of the Balkans’ festival held in Korça, Kita: We aim to promote folklore and traditions

  • 6/1/2021 8:57 AM
The ‘Spirit of the Balkans’ festival held in Korça, Kita: We aim to promote folklore and traditions

For the third year in succession, the ‘Spirit of the Balkans’ festival was organized in Korça, where various troupes from the countries of the Region performed folk songs and dances.

Unlike the first edition this year, COVID 19 dictated another form of organization in which only 3 ensembles participated: the Macedonian Bitola Ensemble, the Skanderbeg Ensemble and that of Central Albania.

The Director of the Korça Theater, Zamira Kita said that this festival aims to preserve the tradition of exchanging experiences and preserving the bridges of cooperation between the countries of the Region

‘We want to continuously preserve the values ​​of our folklore and that is why we have taken this initiative. For years we tried in a virtual form to realize some cooperation with some of the Balkan countries while this year we returned to the stage. We hope that the pandemic will end and in the future we will have an even bigger festival regarding the number of participating bodies, 'said Zamira Kita.

Folk songs, dances and instrumental music were applauded by Korça art lovers but also by the tourists present on the stage of the Old Bazaar of Korça. One of the members of the ‘Skënderbeu’ ensemble Ines Sulenjis confessed the emotions of a show in front of the public after a year of pandemic.

"It was an indescribable feeling as all the bodies had never gathered after this pandemic time and we could not wait to come on stage," said Inses Sulejnis from the Skanderbeg ensemble.

One of the artists of the Macedonian ensemble Bitola praised the festival and wished that next year it would be bigger.

‘The festival has been wonderful, the organization too. We are happy to be part of it and we hope that next year it will be bigger. '- one of the artists of the Bitola Ensemble said.

Next year this festival is expected to come with an expanded program and greater participation of the Balkan countries.

/Klara Ruci/