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The head of SPAK Kraja: During 2020, over 1 thousand subjects were intercepted, most of them for corruption

  • 6/5/2021 2:23 PM
The head of SPAK Kraja: During 2020, over 1 thousand subjects were intercepted, most of them for corruption

The head of SPAK, Arben Kraja, stated yesterday that during 2020, over 1 thousand subjects were intercepted, most of them for corruption.

While reporting to the Law Commission, regarding the work of the institution he leads, for 2020, Kraja said that the work of this institution has been very busy.

The head of SPAK stressed that during the past year, the cooperation of SPAK with international institutions increased, adding that criminal assets were also hit.

"Cooperation with the General Prosecutor's Office and other Prosecution Offices, the law has divided competencies and from the legal point of view it is clear, it has been very good as cooperation, there are no problems. Out of 746 persons under investigation, 515 of them were detained, while 231 persons were released under investigation.

Of the persons detained, 288 of them were imprisoned, out of 257 were executed, while for 31 persons were imposed the security measure of arrest in absentia. The security measure of imprisonment for 198 people has been imposed for criminal offenses related to organized crime. For the interceptions, in December 2019, a special environment was set up for their conduct. 91 percent of criminal proceedings were conducted by the method of interception by 10 officers. Over 1000 subjects were intercepted, most for corruption. The Eavesdropping Office is in working condition, at full capacity. We have cooperated internationally, as provided by law.

The SPAK handled 69 requests from other countries, 20 of which were carried by Foreign Crimes. Their high number shows the trust of international institutions of SPAK. We have also cooperated with the anti-mafia and anti-crime in Italy, as well as the authorities in Croatia. The criminal offenses investigated together with foreigners were those for drug trafficking and a structured criminal group. A total of 43 extraditions were made to foreign countries", said Kraja.

Even within the OFL, SPAK has defended before the Court the requests for sequestration of property, where 115 requests of SPAK have been received in court for sequestration of property.

50 persons were convicted at the request of the SPAK. We have also worked towards placing some prisoners in a special regime. The important thing is that the process has been legal and is under constant monitoring and has worked. The director of BKH was elected, through a regular and democratic process. We have worked in assistance with foreign, European and American authorities. We also have had assistance from EURALIUS.

Representatives of SPAK have reported to the Ministry of Justice, as well as the GREKOS report. We have done a colossal job and we have tried to do our best ", said Kraja.

/Klara Ruci/